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Take 10% OFF any FAll / Winter Clean-UP services such as:
  • Leaf Removal
  • Haul away of leaves after service, 
  • Grass seeding for Spring
  • Dead foliage removal
  • Pruning of bushes and foliage

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Fertilize the lawn in fall...
When you fertilize the lawn in fall, you should fertilize once from September to mid-October. After this, the lawn stops taking up nutrients from the soil and prepares for winter. You should fertilize the lawn in fall with a high nitrogen fertilizer. When you fertilize the lawn in fall, your lawn will be better able to survive winter damage and will become greener faster in the spring.

Fall grass seed planting...
Fall grass seed planting is an excellent way to fill in the bare spots in your lawn. Typically, fall weather has an ideal about of rain fall and temperatures for grass seed germination. You have two options for fall grass seed planting. You can plant the seeds in September and the grass will germinate and establish this year, or you can plant the seeds after this, and they will stay dormant for the winter and germinate in early spring, when the conditions are ideal as well. The bonus of a late fall grass seed planting is that many of the local birds will have left by then, making the seed less vulnerable to them. Then the winter rain or snow will quickly cover it up until spring.

Follow these lawn care tips for the fall and your lawn will be looking fantastic come next spring!